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  • Poems are conceived in the poetic minds of imagination and normally this process compresses within the limitation of literary world. This invaluable imaginary power have to be converted to the practical implementation through different suitable ideology. Varkey Veliyath as a poet came out of this boundary and survived this present situation with this unique attempt and effort. Besides a poet, he is an Architect, A multi- talented artist, Ideal and Traditional farmer, Natural Researcher, Nature lover and the captain of Kauthukapark, where he has exposed his poems- In three languages written on great boards and in other ways instead of publishing as books. Poems subjected mainly nature, tourism, social and political anarchy. Dr. Sukumar Azhikodu appreciated Mr. Varkey for his poetic works, especially a piece of poem titled- “Depth of Birth and Death”. He has the membership in ‘Poem Hunter’ – (A poetic, literary Body of London). For more poems and details, (


    Kerala tourism

    Kerala Tourism locate very high,

    Which stand for what and why?

    As a brand for Kerala lie,

    What it Kerala mean by?

    A paradise of bio diversified green dye,

    Where environmental positive flag fly,

    Where Sustainable ecosystem ply,

    Where No lives under crisis cry,

    That is why Tourism not dry

    A ladder is a holder

    Ladder is a Holder

    That something up wards.

    Leader is a ladder-

    For his followers.

    If leader not in order,

    His bladder on shoulder.

    Bolder one’s golden goals,

    At top boarder indeed,

    A ladder not taller enough,

    To hold the LORD.

    Country and Entry

    Countries are many,

    Entries are on money.

    God`s on country”_

    No other that of Kerala,

    Because of mother nature.

    Where minds get refreshed,

    No pockets get cleaned up.

    Death & Birth…..

    Depth of birth and death,

    That the length of life,

    W hat the breadth of life?

    That as per width of deeds.

    What the total sum of life?

    Nothing, but zero that the truth.

    Money Not Honey

    Money is a Game as a Flame,

    Ruin at a Rain Later it Shame

    Gain a Fame as an Aim

    Even a Queen Plan a Line

    On such a Brain


    Father the pollen, provide the brand,

    Mother the seed, produce the kind.

    No bird without feather definite,

    Group without leader seldom.

    Whether no father and mother,

    Here no sister & brother in world.

    Father of parents, preside over paradise.

    Man and Religion

    Man a good one, Thought a bad thing,

    Put a coat on, Buttoned God in,

    Even stand he striate, Shadow wolf behind.

    Began fight among, Against the along,

    Blood the red, Spread on whiteness.

    Omni-Power, over universe, Our All,

    Who long to belong in Heart and home.

    But the fool world, Call him to peal palace.

    Only one thing, enjoy every thing, end of life,

    Author and owner of all Only God!

    Nurture the nature, Which the art of God.

    That the worship and prayer, Towards the Lord,
    Anti- action, against above the all, Blast your goal.

    Kauthukapark – A magic umbrella

    Kauthuka park never fails it’s rocky route.

    Her beauty never be shot at any spot,

    Rushing crowd reflect miracles across road,

    What an incredible event

    Never the world heard and seen!

    Beauty paid to one by one,

    pollen of park spread to zone to zone,

    where the young and old what they longed,

    Hai fellows! nothing beyond mortality on earth,


    Hai lovely wishers welcome welcome to lovely land,

    Shine To Set Of Sun and Moon.

    Home a dome in a mean…….

    Home a dome in a mean,

    Where bloom stream like dream,

    Human early no costume & roof,

    Yet tune of life in a mode of merry.

    Shame to blame man of day,

    Fear to live in frame of wall.

    Isn’t it current home tomb or bomb?

    Phone Is A Tone

    Phone is a tone-On tune by man.Which born & grown-

    As soul in role.

    One is no one if no –

    Phone even on loan.

    Lark in Darkness

    A poetic bird love & embrace

    GOD & creatures,Built up a nest ”Kauthukapark” at chest of flora & fauna,

    Which weaved with fibrous parts of culture & nature.

    What a traditional nest! All it done the best by the bird alone.

    World wide birds & butterflies rush to have a rest at the nest,

    Where every kith & kin & dignitaries marked the marks.

    State & National Awards regarded as rewards.

    Look! Guinness Book & Limca Book welcome for booking.

    Yet, the local guardian who should be the first, locate the last?

    This is a poem submitted to Dist. Collector as an official invitation- to ”Kauthukapark”



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