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  • Tourist Places Near Thrissur

    By AdminPosted On 17-Sep-2016

    Thrissur, the cultural capital of kerala is blessed with a lots of tourist attractions . Commonly Thrissur is world famous for ” Thrissur pooram” and “Pulikali“. Other Major tourist attractions of Thrissur includes athirapally-vazhachal waterfalls, peechi-vazhani wild life sanctuary, Thrissur Zoo, Vadakumnadha Temple, Guruvayur Temple and kauthukapark. Thrissur is the nearest district from Cochin international airport, transportation facilities and hospitality makes Thrissur and near by places a paradise for tourists. Presence of Western Ghats adds greenish scenery to the district, Peechi-Vazhani wild life sanctuary in western ghats is near to thrissur city and it is a favorite place of bird watchers and wild animal watchers. Athirapally – Vazhachal waterfalls is one in the major tourist places near thrissur city, It is known as Indian Niagara. Athirapally waterfalls is in chalakudi river and falls from a height of 80 ft and one in the largest waterfalls of state.

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    tourist places near thrissur

    Best Tourist Place In Thrissur

    Kauthukapark is a ecotourism spot situated on the way to athirapally waterfalls. Founded by Mr Varkkey Veliyath, A nature lover and poet. Kauthukapark is one of the mostly awarded tourist attraction in thrissur district. It holds the Limca record for single handed development of largest nature park. The park is developed for sharing the message of nature conservation and environment saving. The hard work and earnings of Varkey Veliyath transformed 1.25 acres of rough land to one in the best tourist places near thrissur. Now kauthukapark became a favorite destination for nature lovers, nature research students and tourists. Kauthukapark is a place for study tour of students, they will learn the importance of nature saving, environment preservation, ecological conservation etc. Near by tourist attractions like athirapally and vazhachal waterfalls, Thumburmuzhi Dam, Ezhatumugam nature village makes kauthukapark a good one day tour place of thrissur and a good spot for ecotourism in Kerala

    Attractions Of Kauthukapark

    • Ancient caverns and caves are preserved for new generation

    • Trees on walking mode (Walking Tree )

    • Clear water rivulets and man made waterfalls

    • Zodiac trees preserved

    • Wide variety of rare plants and animals

    • Ancient lakes with crystal clear waters

    • Collection of ancient farming tools and utensils

    • Wide variety of birds, animals, plants

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    One Day Tour Plan In Kauthukapark

    Kauthukapark is situated in Potta, Just 3 km from chalakudy NH 47 and just 21 km from Cochin international airport. If informed earlier Mr Varkey Veliyath will arrange the facilities in Kauthukapark. After seeing the wonders of kauthukapark you can visit Thumburmuzhy Dam and Ezhatumugham nature Village, it is just 4 Km from kauthukapark. When its over you can reach Athirapally waterfalls by travelling 5 Km from Ezhattumugam. Visiting these best tourist places near thrissur and kauthukapark will be a memorable travel experience for the ones who love to travel and visit new places. Kauthukapark is not just a visiting place as it gives you lots of knowledge about nature, environment and ecology.

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