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  • Natural Living Tree Tower

    By AdminPosted On 17-Sep-2016

    Walking TreeWalking tree is one of the most attractive and genuine site at Kauthukapark. These days people are running behind the Skyscrapers built around the world. Skyscrapers have effects on the environment. Mr. Varkey’s Kauthuka Park is a proof for inseparable bond between man and nature. He has realized that Natural breeze, sunlight is essential for balancing the ecosystem. Thus have taken measures to enhance his Park into an Eco-friendly Project.

    As a part of it he had started his efforts for the Natural Living Tree Tower.The Natural Living Tree Tower in the Kauthuka Park is one of the most rarest site in the World. Walking Tree’s roots naturally sprout out. Mr. Varkey has made his efforts to route these roots into manmade pipes and then is eventually grounded to the soil. Once the roots are grown it is rounded thus to form branches and the end of it is dipped in the pipes. Again the roots sprout out from these branches and further this process is continued again thus to form a Natural Living Tree Tower.

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    Visitors from many places come to Kauthuka Park just to see walking tree in kerala. Visitors can climb the roots which depicts a staircase which is made by the same roots that sprout from the branch. Thus we can reach the top of the Natural Living Tree Tower. The natural harmony can be felt when at the top of the tree. The whole Kauthuka Park can be viewed from the top of the Living Tree which is a eye striking experience.

    Mr. Varkey’s efforts milestones include Limca Book of Records & is striving for such Records in the Future.Walking Tree In Kerala Living Tree Tower In The WorldNatural Living Tree Tower In The World Living Tree Hut In IndiaAn astonishing scene of walking treeThe central object is only a supporting pillar. Plant is situating at the top of the pillar. The pipe like something see is its prop roots from its stem-bottom to the ground which four roots are absorbing water and manure from earth, later the pillar will be removed and the tree will be stood at air on its four roots is called "Aerial Plant".From each branches around the tree, the prop roots were arranged to earth slowly next-to-next. Thus we can see that the tree is walking in slow motion across four directions just like creatures are walking. The idea behind this scientific project is to create natural jungle over the concrete jungle and rehabilitate living beings and maintain the environmental equilibrium.Walking Tree In Kerala

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