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  • Best Ecotourism spots in kerala

    By AdminPosted On 17-Sep-2016

    What is Eco tourism?

    Eco tourism can be defined as the responsible travel to natural areas intended to conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education or Tourism directed towards the natural environments which aims to support, conservation and observe wildlife. Kauthukapark is one of the best place of eco tourism in kerala

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    Principles of Eco tourism

    Eco tourism is about uniting of conservation, sustainable travel and communities. It means that those who participate, implement and market ecotourism activities should follow the these ecotourism principles:

    * Minimize the social, behavioral, psychological and physical impacts.

    * Build respect and awareness to cultural and environment.

    * Providing positive experiences for both of the hosts and visitors.

    * Provide financial benefits for conservation.

    * Generate financial benefit to private industry and local people.

    * Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities.

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    eco tourism spots in kerala

    Kauthuka Park which is one of the best ecotourism spots in Kerala which is recognised by the govt.of Kerala. The idea behind this nature conservation park is done by a normal man from from a farmer family background. His dedication to the nature beauty make him to create this wonderful piece of land. Mr. Varkey Veliyath made his 1.25 acres of land into a botanical miracle of Kerala. By visiting this beautiful kauthuka Park we can see many things that attracts our hearts such as ancient cultures, Medicinal plants in and Man made caves of Kerala etc This all give us to know and get closer to our culture and environmental beauty. Visit the best tourist centre near Athirapally Waterfalls Thrissur, Kerala. Feel close to Nature and Environmental beauties, feel the beauty of ecotourism in kerala

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