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  • Kauthukapark Award house

    Kauthukapark Award house

    Awards are a prestigious recognition issued to the eligible person by any of organization, institution or governing body taking into consideration of their excellent services. This has been bestowed upon them to reward them for their services in that respective field. It further inspires others to take more care for the enrichment of their own careers. As a result, it leads to the flourishment of the Nation.

    Mr. Varkey Veliyath is an unique celebrity, talented in linguistic poetry, environment, art, biodiversity, architecture, botany, zoology, gardening, fisheries, research, agriculture, science and technology. The pinnacle of perfection in different subjects enabled Mr. Varkey Veliyath to harvest the bumper achievements of abundant awards. The above mentioned factors promoted Mr. Varkey Veliyath’s Nature conservation project “Kauthukapark” as a popular virtual tourism point in India. Awards are demonstrated below in detail.

    List Of Awards

    • National Record of Limca Book for single handed development of an Innovative Nature Park.
    • Recognition of ministry of tourism Govt. of India
    • National Award for Nature Conservation from Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions(SRISTI)
    • Appreciation Ceritificate of Science, Technology and Environment Gvt. of Kerala.
    • State Award for Humanitarian and Social Activities from Poulose Thakkolkaran Smaraka Endowment Committee.
    • Award for Nature Conervation and Social Activities from Chalakudy Municipality.
    • Akshaya Shree State Award for Sustainable Organic farming from Sarojini Damodaran Foundation(SDF).
    • State Award for Adventurous effort for the propagation of Nature and Traditional Culture from Sahasika Samskara Kendra(SSK).
    • Selection as the best Study tour destination in Kerala through “Malayala Manorama Padippura Competition.”
    • Recognition by Tourism department, Govt. of Kerala.
    • Honoured as innovative messenger of the year 2012 by H’ble M P Sri K P Dhanapalan- Chalakudy Constituency.
    • Municipal Certification that Kauthukapark was visited by 3,20,330.00 tourists on duration of years 2006-2013.
    • Certification of Honour from National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources Gvt. of India.
    • Certificate of appreciation from Biodiversity Board Gvt. of Kerala.
    • Certificate of Jvaharlal Nehru Tropical and botanical Garden research Institute Gvt. of Kerala.
    • Certificate of Kerala Fisheries University.
    • Certification of appreciation from Kerala Lalithakala Academy
    • Appreciation Certificate of CMFRI GOVT. OF INDIA
    • Certification of Tourism Department , Government of Kerala
    • Honoured by Kerala Agricultural University with Certificate
    • Certification of appreciation from dist.collector Ms.Jaya IAS
    • Certification of appreciation of Kerala Veterinary & Animal Science University
    • Appreciation certificate from Agriculture department Govt.of Kerala
    • Appreciation certificate from Kerala Sahithya Accademy
    • Appreciation Certificate from Fisheries Department Gvt. of Kerala

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    Limca certificate for single Hand Made Nature Park

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