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  • Tourist Places Near Thrissur

    Kauthukapark is one of the famous tourist places in Kerala, as it its uniqueness and innovations. Kauthukapark Kerala’s first single-handed garden as the kind with the recognition of tourism government of Kerala.

    Chalakudy and Athirappilly Water Falls

    Tourist places near thrissur

    Kauthukapark falls under the wings of Chalakudy Municiplity. Geologically and traditionally Chalakudy town has its own history. Chalakudy river and NH- 47 pass through this town, is a grace to the zone. Chalakudy situates 20 km from Cochin International Airport and 30 km from Thrissur, the middle district of Kerala State. The most popular Athirappilly waterfalls, Thumpurmuzhi dam, Vazhachal-waterflow, Kauthukapark, Holy land Chalakudy, Water theme Parks “Dream World” And “Silver Storm” are the most famous tourism attractions of the town Chalakudy. Athirappilly high-range and surroundings are naturally blessed with dense forest where it is a large home of varieties of flora and fauna.Athirappilly(Athirappally) is in a distance of 25 km from Kauthukapark. Athirapally waterfalls is one of the best in tourist places near thrissur. Also Kauthukapark provide info on Chalakudy Tourism, Kerala Tourism Chalakudy, Chalakudy Town, Chalakudy Site-Seeing, Chalakudy Municipality, Chalakudy Tourist places, Tourist places in Chalakudy, Chalakudy Attractions, Places to visit in Chalakudy, Tourism Attraction Chalakudy, Places of interest Chalakudy, Site-Seeings Chalakudy, Tourism Destinations Chalakudy, Places must see Chalakudy, Chalakudy-Kerala-India, Athirappally Tourism, Athirappilly Tourism, Kerala Tourism Athirappally, Kerala Tourism Athirappally Water Falls, Athirappally Water Falls Tourism, Athirappally site-seeing, Athirappally Water Falls, Athirappilly Water Falls, Athirappally Tourist places, Tourist places in Athirappally, Athirappally Attractions, Places to visit Athirappally, Attractions in Athirappally,Torurist attraction in Athirappilly, Athirappally Tourism Attractions, Places of interest Athirappally, Site-Seeings Athirappally, Tourism Destinations in Athirappally, Athirappally-Kerala-India

    Places to visit near Thrissur

    Tourist places near thrissurKauthukapark locate under Thrissur, district of Kerala in India. Traditionally Thrissur hold the prominant stand in the base of education, Culture, textiles, jewelleries, industries, politics, religions, tourism places and other institutions compared to other districts. Thrissur Pooram is a mile-stone of Kerala festivals. Other best places to visit around thrissur and tourist places near thrissur are Guruvayur temple, Thruvambadi Sree Krishna temple, Vadakkumnathan temple, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Ketrala Lalithakala Academy, Kerala Sahithya Academy, Our Lady of Lordes Syro-Malabar Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral, Our Lady of Dolours Syro-Malabar Catholic Basilica, Kerala PoliceAcademy, Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala Universitiy of Allied Sciences and Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), all which strengthen and support the tourism network of Thrissur and partially Kauthukapark. Also Kauthukapark provide information on tourist places near thrissur, Thrissur Tourism, Kerala Tourism Thrissur,Thrissur Site-Seeing, Thrichur Tourism, Thrissur District, Thrissur Corporation, Thrissur Ministers Thrissur Hospitals, Thrissur Churches, Temples in Thrissur, Mosques in Thrissur, Informations Thrissur, Phone Information Thrissur, Thrissur Textiles Thrissur Jewelleries, Thrissur Schools, Thrissur Theaters, Thrissur Pot-Office, Thrissur Famous Personalities, Tourist Places in Thrissur
    Trichur Tourist Places, Thrissur Attractions, Trichur Attractions, Places to visit Thrissur, Attractions in Thrissur Places of Interest Thrissur, Site-Seeings Thrissur, Places must see in Thrissur, Thrissur-Kerala-India

    Places visit near Cochin , Ernakulam and Nedumbassery Airport

    Tourist places near thrissurNedumbassery is the nearest Airport to Kauthukapark. Nedumbassery and Cochin are the part of Ernakulam district of Kerala State in India and very close to Thrissur and tourist places near thrissur. Nedumbassery or Cochin International Airport undertake the role as the Gate-Way of Kerala State for external tourists and business men, that accelerate the visitor’s rush to Kauthukapark which located only 30 km from the same place. The local body that governs Ernakulam city is Corporation and the third largest city in Kerala. Kochi and Nedumbassery are really the mainartilleries of “heart” Ernakulam District and also a grace to Kauthukapark as tourism source. Kochi comprises Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy, Kochi Port, International Container Transshipment Terminal, The Cochin Shipyard, Kochi Refineries, Kochi Marina, Kochin Stock Exchange, International Pepper Exchange, Chemical industries like FACT, TCC, IREI, HOCL and Kochi Refineries. Ernakulam is known as business capital of Kerala.Ernakulam provides a considerable influence in the domestic tourism mode of Kauthukapark.It is proud that High Court of Kerala belongs in Ernakulam.

    The domestic airport of Ernakulam was in Cochin in primary stage. Later it was shifted to Nedumabssery promoting as International Airport due to the vast facilities of the location. Now it is known as Nedumbassery International Airport. The new Airport was built by filling acres paddy-field with special permission of state Government. So that both Nedumbassery International Airport and Cochin International Airport are the same one. Kauthukapark provide information on Cochi Tourism, Cochin Airport, Cochin International Airport, Kochi Tourism, Kochin Airport, Kochin International Airport, Kerala Tourism Cochin Cochi Airport Tourism, Cochin Site-seeing, Cochi City, Cochin Tourist places, Tourist Places in Cochi, Kochin Attractions Places to visit in Kochin, Attractions in Kochin, Tourist Attractions in Kochin, Kochin Tourism Attractions, Places of interest Kochin, Interesting Places in Kochin Site-Seeing Cochin,Tourism Destinations in Cochin, Places must see in Cochin, Cochin – Kerala – India.

    Places to visit near Munnar

    Tourist places near thrissurCentral Kerala means Thrissur district. Every tourists destinations in God’s Own Country have a close touch with Athirappilly and Kauthukapark, which is on the same route Athirappilly, both two places located in Thrissur district. While People inside or outside Kerala plan a tour program they will first schedule Athirappilly Water-falls and then southern and northern Kerala destinations, and they should have to touch either Nedumbassery Airport or Thrissur in order to cover other tourist attractions.

    Munnar is a charming hilly area by the side of Western Ghats, a row of mountains in Idukki district of Kerala state in India. It is believed that the word Munnar was formed from three rivers. Munnar is well-known for Kannan Devan Hills and tea plantation in Devikulam Village. The nearest airport is Nedumbassery and railway station Aluva or Ernakulam. The natural beauty of Munnar present a life-long gift to whom explore this spot and Kauthukapark. Kauthukapark also provide info on Munnar District, Munnar Wild Life, Munnar Bird Sanctuary, Munnar Animal Sanctuary,All Informations Munnar, Munnar Informations,Tourist Places in Munnar, Munnar Tourist Places, Munnar Attractions, Attractions in Munnar, Places to visit Munnar, Places of Interest in Munnar, Site-Seeings in Munnar Places must see in Munnar


    Tourist places near thrissurWayanad is one of districts of Kerala state in India, it is believed that the name wayanad derived from the word Vayal nadu (paddy-field) and some others argue, from the word Mayanad. Wayanad is newly formed district merging some parts of neibouring districts of Kozhikode and Kannur. wayanad as a whole natural habitat of countless birds, animals ,varieties of plants and forests, but Kauthukapark a miniature habitat and shelter for
    living beings. Wayanad has its own historical places and evidences. while Kauthukapark highlights the uniqueness , particularities, innovations and a modern history of the prevailing and bygone-era. Therefore, Kauthukapark cannot be separated from Wayanad by its link in all means.

    The land of wayanad certifies historical stories of around ten centuries back. Kings and their invasions, new stone-age civilization facts, tremendous caves and cavities, pictorial languages on rocks, tribal traces, ancient people’s meditation places like “Muniyara” and “Nandangadi” and British attachment of former wayanad, everything calls us back to an lost glory. wayanad is abundent with cash-crops and other agricultural yields. Roads in wayanad so slope as to feel dangerous zone. There are link-roads with Mysore and Ooty through Gudalloor. The astonishing experiences of awesome wayanad will remind the tourists of
    course, the relationship with both of Kauthukapark and wayanad. Kauthukapark gives info on Wayanad Tourism, Kerala Tourism Wayanad, Wayanad Site-Seeing, Wayanad District,Informations Wayanad ,Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary, Wayanad Birds Sanctuary,Tourist Places in Wayanad, Wayanad Attractions, Attractions in Wayanadu, Places to Visit Wayanadu, Waynad Tourism Attractions, Places of Interest Wayanad, Site-Seeings Wayanad, Wayanad Site-seeings, Places must see in Wayanad, Kerala Tourism Wayanad,


    Tourist places near thrissurBoth Kauthukapark and Guruvayur situate in Thrissur districts and Guruvayur exist as a famous pilgrim centre. Guruvayur also written as Guruvayoor, which falls under Thrissur district of Kerala State in India. It is considered approximately 5,000 years old as per legends, Guruvayur Township was formed on January 26th 1962, according to the 2011 Indian census total population of Guruvayur was 21,187, literacy rate indicated 85%.

    Guruvayur Temple

    Each and every shrines are prevailing for the worship of God “The All Mighty Universal Omni Power”. Nature, living beings and its viability are some of the awesome and incredible arts of God which phenomena is nourished by somebody means the worship of God definite and ditto is happening through Kauthukapark. In that sense, all worshipping places, including Guruvayur temple have a great link with Kauthukapark. Lord Krishna is worshipped in the famous Guruvayur temple. It is considered fourth largest shrine in India. Kauthukapark an tourist places near thrissur are easily accesible from Guruvayur temple

    Large number of tourists visit Kauthukapark via Guruvayur Temple. Kauthukapark absolutely indebted to Guruvayur temple forever for its favors, renown , spirituality and the perfect satisfaction of the devotees under the grace of lord Krishna. Kauthukapark give info on Guruvayoor Tourism, Guruvayur Tourism,Tourism in Guruvayoor, Kerala Tourism Guruvayur, Guruvayoor Site-Seeings, Site-Seeings in Guruvayur, Guruvayoor Muncipality, Guruvayur Temples, Temples in Guruvayoor, Guruvayoor Kesavan, All Information in Guruvayur,Phone Information Guruvayoor, Guruvayur Textiles, Sree Krishna Temple Guruvayur,Tourist Places in Guruvayoor
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