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  • Kauthukapark At A Glance

    Kauthukapark is a singlehanded effort of Mr. Varkey Veliyath, its founder and architect.

    Situated at his residential and agricultural land, the visitors are guided by either Mr. Varkey or his family members instead of any staff or workers.

    Kauthukapark is an incredible ecotourism attractions of kerala, a world of peaceful co-existence where creatures roam around free, instead of being in captivity.
    Mr. Varkey used to be mocked & ridiculed by everyone, even his kith and kin, as a mad one taking on something so impractical.

    But he stood fast and his wife stood by him and his dreams.

    Today this evergreen bit of land is a treasure of incredible practical information and a heaven for many birds and animals healthy and ailing, preserving nature at her best

    Unforgettable Attractions

    • Caves and caverns
    • Aerial trees on the move
    • Rivulets and waterfalls
    • Gentle hillocks and valleys
    • Variety of spices and garden-crops
    • Rare plants and trees
    • Trees related to Zodiac signs
    • Medicinal plants and garden-plants
    • Utensils of a forgotten era
    • Ancient ponds with crystal clear water
    • Fish of every size,hue and colour
    • Peacocks that insist of being fed
    • Emu birds that lumber after you for a sweet morsel
    • Birds that you have only heard of
    • Animals so familiar yet never seen
    • Cradles and swings to relax and recline
    • Tree-huts and Bamboo-huts.

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    Limca certificate for single Hand Made Nature Park

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